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20 Mind Blowing Facts about Instagram Video

20 Mind Blowing Facts about Instagram Video

Instagram started video ads for the businesspersons with duration of 60 sec. Create an extraordinary video which showcases complete bumf of your product for the first few sec. Facts about Instagram Video are given here.

Instagram itself, pushing users to upload more personal videos,video ads from the advertisers. These 60-sec video ads show their creativity of advertisers on how to utilize this Instagram New feature.

  1. Instagram was launched in 6th October 2010 as an application in the iPhone
  2. Within two months from the launch, it was acquired more than one million registered users
  3. Instagram have crossed more than 400 million users during the march 2014
  4. It is acquired by the Facebook for 1 million dollars in 2012 April
  5. Android version of Instagram is also available from 2013 April and it was recorded that one million downloads are reported in within 12 hours after the release of android version
  6. According to the reports, it was revealed that more than 19.9 billion photos are uploaded to the Instagram
  7. The most geotagged city on Instagram is New York
  8. Nearly 70 percent people between 18 -25 years have taken one selfies on Instagram
  9. The most used filter on Instagram is Lo-Fi
  10. More than 17 billion photos are sharing on the Instagram platform daily
  11. More than two billion ,likes are noticed daily
  12. 60 percent of all international brands were on the Instagram
  13. Within a short span of one year Instagram have 10 million users
  14. United States, Brazil and Japan are the top three countries that are using Instagram
  15. Nearly more than 8500 likes are recorded per second on Instagram
  16. More than 8 million people are using Instagram daily
  17. 250 minutes is the average time that an Instagram user is spending per a month
  18. 95 percent of the videos that are shared on Instagram is via Facebook platform
  19. Many online advertisers like Nike, NBA are the most popular on Instagram
  20. More than 24 percent teens are using Instagram


This article classify the 20 mind blowing facts about the Instagram new Video advertisements for the Business. Grab the ideas, know the facts about Instagram video and start implement it for your business.

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