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20 Global SVOD Growth Statistics

SVOD in the name itself it defines subscription video on demand that means the videos referring to any programs or shows can be visited later on without considering the telecasting time through subscription. It has millions of subscriptions throughout the world. The below are the Global statistics of SVoD which shows it’s performance.

  1. The video on demand across the globe is predicted as 47.26 billion dollars in 2015
  2. It is expected to reach 75 billion nearly in the year 2020
  3. North America has the dominant share in the SVOD market
  4. The Asia pacific region is the fastest SVOD market growing region
  5. The Subscription video on demand forecast reached more than 306.1 million across 200 different countries on reaching 2020
  6. SVOD

  7. The total SVOD subscriptions were already reached 41.9 million in the year 2015
  8. Nearly 144.99 million subscribers are expected to be added in the year between 2015 to 2020
  9. The SVOD has increased by twenty million subscribers
  10. US will increase by 22 million subscribers
  11. Japan was forecasted to have more than 9 million subscribers
  12. More than seven million subscribers will increase in India.
  13. The SVOD revenues across the Globe was increased to 26,795$ million when reaching 2020.
  14. The revenues from the subscriptions for Netflix will cross nearly two billion in 2010 and expected to cross 12 billion in the year 2020
  15. More than 38 percent of homes in the US are subscribed to the broadband services and remaining has no broadband or SVOD
  16. Netflix has more than 35 percent market share in SVOD
  17. The Amazon prime and the Hulu plus indicates more growth in SVOD
  18. The SVOD households were spending two hours at an average
  19. 25% SVOD subscribers are under the age of 35
  20. The OTT TV and video revenue have rocketed in China 2010
  21. More than 27 billion revenue was reported in the year 2015 from the SVOD.


As the entire World uses this SVoD and everyone have an idea about SVoD but most of the people don’t know the Global statistics of SVoD. These statistics will give the boundless boundaries of SVoD.

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