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20 Facts & Figures about Vimeo Video Platform

Vimeo Video Platform

Businessperson target to promote their brands thinks that it will be visible to as many people through the social media specially targeted audience. Vimeo is one of the video-sharing websites, in this people can add videos, share and can upload videos. Vimeo provides more user interface and professional way of interacting.

  1. Vimeo is the top video sharing platform and has been a competitor to YouTube
  2. It was started in the year 2004
  3. Acquired by InterActiveCorp in 2006
  4. It is the first sharing site of video content which allows the users to upload videos in high definition
  5. There are no video advertisements on Vimeo platforms
  6. The platform allows up to 20 gigs storage space for videos ever week
  7. It also allows HD plays
  8. There are no time limits and bandwidth caps on the videos
  9. It is a Ad free platform
  10. It provides advanced statistics
  11. Less spam video content platform
  12. The platform has over 100 million users
  13. It is unable to gain top place on Google search results
  14. There will be a limit on Vimeo video uploads
  15. The downloadable videos on Vimeo with Vimeo Pro has excellent advantage for the users to download the videos from the platform
  16. Vimeo platform is a music enhancer and act as a video school with dedicated tutorials to create best videos
  17. By using the enhancer tool, the user can access various music tracks
  18. The Creative common license allows the Vimeo users to use the work legally
  19. The Tip Jar feature on Vimeo allows the small cash appreciations from the viewers to content creators encourages the creators
  20. The “Staff Picks” section on Vimeo shares best videos and most viewed videos in this section.


There are many Vimeo products available in the market Vimeo Pro, Vimeo Plus and Vimeo Business. Just use this Vimeo like YouTube for business promotion and video uploading.

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