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20 Facts and Figures of Twitch Gaming Video Market

Twitch is the reputed video Streaming platform that is owned by the Amazon. More than two million broadcasters. It is now started selling its new video ads for live stream partners. Everything about Twitch Gaming Video Market is given here.

Twitch is now taking control over the video ad delivery process on its stream with its new technology. The main changes that users can see after the rolling out of SureStream in advertising videos are the playback will go smoothly with less buffering.

  1. Twitch is owned by the Amazon
  2. It has good investments from the venture capital
  3. It is headquartered in Sanfransisco with eighty employees only.
  4. Justin TV is the parent company to #Twitch launched in the year 2007 which was divided into the various categories
  5. It is the fourth largest one in the internet traffic
  6. More than 45 percent video streaming traffic was reported from the Twitch accounts online
  7. It has more than eight million monthly users in the first month itself
  8. There is a peak internet traffic towards the Twitch in US
  9. More than 2 percent traffic was reported in US which is more than the traffic compared towards the #Hulu
  10. Twitch was presently credited with the 56 million users
  11. In the months between July 26th and 22nd August was reported
  12. More than 60 percent users on Twitch were spending twenty hours on video watching
  13. Every Twitch user was watching three hours of Video on Twitch everyday
  14. 45 million unique users were viding the Twitch periodically
  15. More than 13 billion minutes are watched on the Twitch every month
  16. Since 2012, more than sixty lakh videos had broadcasted on Twitch
  17. The average Twitch users were spending 104 minutes every day in watching the video content on platform.
  18. According to 2012 census reports, it was revealed that more than 5000 channels have partnered with the Twitch platform
  19. The 75 percent Twitch users are of age between 18 years to 50 years only
  20. More than one third of people on twitch were going towards the websites for news and traditional video games


Twitch has so many fascinating facts in video marketing field. We have short listed some fact about the Twitch Gaming in Video Marketing. Which is owned by Amazon we just conclude that Twitch has become more fascination in video gaming.

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