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20 Facts and Figures about YuppTV



Facts and Figures about YuppTV

In video streaming platforms YuppTV plays a vital role in providing the best services for the customers, and it facilitates to use this app on the mo0bile a well. We can find vast traffic through the mobile. By considering that they are using mobile as the primary one.

  1. Yupp TV is internet-based streaming video service provider.
  2. The the platform has more than 5000 movies in its library in twelve different languages across different genres
  3. It is best destination for the over the top video content
  4. It is the top provider of OTT content of south Asia
  5. The platform offers live television Ad unlimited movies for its users
  6. It also allows the content providers and broadcasters to reach the audience
  7. It is compatible with the different screens such as PC, smart phones, Television etc
  8. YuppTV is headquartered in Atlanta.
  9. The platform is offering more than two hundred television channels in 13 different languages
  10. It is founded in the year 2006
  11. It can be accessible across 25 different devices
  12. The platform is offering top-notch content for the users with single subscription
  13. Yupp TV has over 25 thousand hours of video content on its platform
  14. The app works favourably to the adaptive bit rate technology
  15. It works efficiently even with the low mobile data network
  16. It is a paid service and not available for free of cost
  17. Yupp TV dongle was introduced recently which delivers the 1080p quality content for the users
  18. The Wi-Fi streaming payer allows the users to access the Indian TV channels
  19. The dongle provides nearly 150 channels for live in 11 different Indian Languages
  20. It has already generated six million user traffic across 300 million devices via apps on smart devices.


The reputation of the YuppTV can be identified through these facts and figures. This is the number one in providing the services of video streaming by building the strong branding trust in customers.

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