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20 Facts and Figures about Vuclip

Facts and Figures about Vuclip

Vuclip is a subscription-based video streaming service which is used to watch the entertainment category of movies and other shows. Vuclip mainly belongs to the platform of mobile through which the users can easily access the streaming services. Here are the Facts and Figures about Vuclip.

  1. Vuclip is the mobile video on demand service
  2. It has more than seven million subscribers across the countries
  3. It has partnered with the top 200 studios across the globe
  4. The platform is available in 25 different languages
  5. The subscribers can go with the mobile pay type which is very convenient
  6. It is founded in 2008 in the month of July
  7. It is headquartered at Milpitas in California
  8. Vuclip has expanded its partnership with the 13 leading carriers regionally
  9. It provides the users with a buffering service with its dynamic adaptive Transcoding technology for its consumers
  10. It is available for both android as well as iOS users
  11. Nearly three million people have subscribed the Vuclip
  12. 68 percent users are between 18 to 35 years age group
  13. 62 percent views are noticed from the social media sharing
  14. Vuclip was going with 140 employees according to the 2014 reports
  15. Nearly 7500 mobile devices are supported with Vuclip
  16. More than 100 brand advertisers are connected with the Vuclip
  17. 10 million annual revenue mark crossed by Vuclip without depending on the ads
  18. Nearly 15 million active users are noticed from Latin America
  19. 20 percent Vuclip users are from South East Asia and 20 percent from India and remaining from other countries.
  20. It is also implemented one rupee per video in India by tying up with Airtel mobile carrier in India.


These facts gives the clear idea about the running strategies of the Vuclip and the Global marketing growth of Vuclip. These facts and figures might draw the new thoughts in the minds of the upcoming marketers.

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