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20 Facts about Online Video Advertising Spending

20 Facts about Online Video Advertising Spending

In Online, video-based content are trending and easy to grasp. It provides entertainment apart from content education. Businesspeople spending more and more money on video advertisements on YouTube, Facebook. Facts of Online Video Advertising can be found here.

If you go deeply on statistics online video advertisement spending vary from country to country.Digital ad channels popularity raised by 70 percent every year. Mobile video advertising a crossed the desktop video advertising.

  1. The online video search ads are increased rapidly towards in the year 2015 and are estimated as 12.89 billion in the same year.
  2. As the smart phones and tablets usage has been raising its importance, the mobile advertising in US had increased to 29 billion in 2015.
  3. The Google have dominated the net mobile ad revenue of US with 35 percent in 2015
  4. Facebook have achieved the second place in the ad revenue share in US with 17% according to 2015 reports.
  5. In 2015, during the month of February, it was noted that the 30 percent marketers have reduced their budget for advertising and funded on digital marketing in 2015
  6. SEM is estimated to capture the largest share in the online ad spend about 45% in 2015
  7. The social network ad spend have reached 16$ billion during 2014
  8. The social network ad spend have increased 45 percent during 2013 which accelerated the digital ad spend to 12 percent
  9. According to 2014 census reports, it was noted as the paid media spending in US is 180 billion.
  10. The digital ad spending had increased to 18% in 2014 and estimated to double the percent in 2015
  11. The TV advertising have generated nearly 174 billion world wide according to 2014 reports
  12. The internet ads have raised to 134 billion to 200 biliion in 2014 december.
  13. The entire media and entertainment spending was forecasted as 13 percent growth rate during the years 2013 to 2018
  14. Marketers had spent nearly 4.5 billion on the advertising through mobile in US which is recorded in 2012
  15. The ad spend for search advertising have noted as more than 10 billion in 2014.
  16. According to a survey, it was reported that the market which was driven by the data have increased in 2013 and 40 percent marketers in US have declared the above thing
  17. Digital marketers spend the revenue to target the buyers and above 40% had spent to gain new buyers online according to 2014 reports
  18. It was revealed that, in 2012, the firm budgets percentage as overall for a B2C companies spent 16 percent of their marketing share
  19. According to 2012, the social media have get an average of nearly 8 percent in the entire marketing budgets
  20. In 2012, it was forecasted that marketers share in media mix may increase above 10 percent


For those who want to stay in top position, Online video advertising is key to success. If you spend more on video ads get high revenue for your business. we have listed 20 facts about online video advertisement spending. Just through before you spend on it.

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