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20 Facebook Video Facts and Insights

Facebook Video Facts and Insights

Facebook is the only social media app that helps in providing the vast traffic for marketing sites through video. Facebook grabs the attention of the viewers Globally. There are more interesting facts that you should know about Facebook as a user.

  1. According to recent reports it was declared that Facebook platform had earned more than 80 percent of the video interactions.
  2. Facebook has improved the analytics by featuring the ‘Videos ‘ tab in the insights
  3. The insights on Facebook help the marketers to track the viewers.
  4. YouTube has 40 minutes of viewing time on mobile at an average.
  5. The algorithm on Facebook has changed to track the user’s target
  6. Facebook video uploads rate on Facebook pages are very low in June
  7. Only one video was uploaded on the top active video pages on Facebook platform
  8. Nearly 34 percent pages are active with video content on Facebook platform.
  9. Nearly 530 video active pages are noticed on Facebook platform.
  10. Nearly 970 million daily active users are noticed at an average in the year 2015
  11. Mobile active Facebook video viewers were also increased in 2015 in June with 29.9 percent raise.
  12. Monthly active user rate is also increasing on Facebook platform year to year with 13 percent raise.
  13. Around 83 percent active users are from US and Canada.
  14. 76.5% advertising revenue was recorded in the second quarter on Facebook platform
  15. 1.35 million pieces of content was sharing on Facebook platform daily
  16. More than 55 percent people are under the age of 65 years are now actively using Facebook in the US.
  17. The posts that published during 10-11 pm EST has more interaction and favourable time on Facebook to post
  18. The posts with images have 160 percent interactions on Facebook comparing to average post
  19. 88.9% video posts have shared on Facebook
  20. Facebook is going to introduce monetization got its native video and still under process.


This could reveal the the roles and responsibilities of a Facebook to attain the peak position among all other social media sites. Choosing of this platform will be more useful for the startups.

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