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20 Amazing Facts and Figures of Hulu Plus

Live streaming leading the world. When it comes to Broadcasting Hulu takes the best place and it is twice valuable as that of Netflix. People already cut down the cord started searching for other Cable Networks like Hulu.

Hulu makes content faster with the high quality of broadcasting Hot Movies, Shows and music. How it named as Hulu has two means one is “interactive recording” and another one is “holder of precious things”.

  1. Hulu is a ad supporting streaming device which offers various shows and many other video clips on its platform.
  2. The Name Hulu is originated from the Chinese Mandarin language.
  3. Hulu platform had first announced in the year 2007 in the month of March.
  4. Jason Kilar was the first CEO of Hulu platform.
  5. The first product of Hulu platform was developed by the NBC Universal.
  6. In early 2010, the Hulu was benefited with nearly 100 million when Jason was working as a CEO .
  7. The Hulu monthly streaming services were crossed 900 million during the year 2010.
  8. From the recent reports, it was revealed that the platform has more than 400 million viewers were connected with the devices in US.
  9. Hulu subscription was costs less than the Netflix subscription.
  10. Nearly 10 percent households are subscribed to the Hulu in US.
  11. More than 12 percent televisions were connected to the internet and using devices to watch Hulu.
  12. The average user from the US on Hulu was watching more than 60 video ads per month.
  13. People of America were watching more than 1.5 B online video ads every month.
  14. More than 30 percent tablet users connected with the shows through Hulu.
  15. More than 16 percent smartphone users are downloading variety of television shows via subscription on Hulu platform.
  16. Neatly 60 percent consumers are connecting with the video gaming console in order to access the shows via subscription VOD.
  17. Hulu Plus is representing nearly 26% of the US movie rentals users in 2012 with the subscription services.
  18. It delivers 43 different video ads to every visitor for month.
  19. The ad impressions on Hulu are also very impressive and it is the reason behind the marketers choice for their ads on Hulu.
  20. The advertising services on Hulu are two times more effective than the general television ads.


Hulu raised their monthly streaming services in some countries. in this article we have listed some amazing facts about Huluplus broadcasting services.

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