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15+ Interesting Mobile Video Stats

Mobile data consumption rising every year, while its increasing when new device purchase stats also increasing equality. Some people watch mobile videos regularly so the growth rate raises same for the end of the year. Consumption mobile videos increase when it comes to digital marketing.

Mobile data traffic raised 400 million for past 15 years. The popularity of digital or mobile videos is equal to the small screen videos. In the same way mobile data consumption, videos, mobile phones and everything related to mobile videos are raised.

15+ Interesting Mobile Video Stats

  1. More than 40 percent people across the globe were watching the long form videos from the mobile devices
  2. More mobile video views are recorded from the Latin America
  3. More than 60 percent people in Latin America were viewing the videos daily via smart phones
  4. More than 50 percent long form videos are watching through mobile as the people feel tht they are more comfortable with the mobile devices for video watch
  5. The mobile video browsing time had exceeded the PC
  6. Mobile-Videos-Report

  7. The total search volume have crossed more than 30 percent on Mobile search queries.
  8. The click through rates on the mobile ads were also greatly increased.
  9. The mobile ad spend was increase to 60 percent comparing to the previous year reports
  10. More than 75 billion dollars mobile video ad spend was done in US market alone
  11. The mobile phones were accounted more than 15 percent in the digital sales in United states
  12. More than 80 percent marketers are connected to the mobile marketing and tracking their ROI
  13. More than 50 percent marketers have agreed that mobile devices made them more effective in marketing and growth in sales
  14. Mobile-Videos-Advertising

  15. More than 15 percent marketers have increased their budget upto 50 percent than the previous years
  16. The average time spent on videos using internet from the mobile devices is increase from half an hour to three hours daily.
  17. More than 25 percent ecommerce marketers are designed their own mobile apps which links directly to their website
  18. More than 80percent people between the age of 20 to 35 years are shopping via mobile devices only
  19. The ecommerce industry was raising because of increasing usage of mobile devices by the people.


Smartphones have become too sophisticated, mobile video consumption raised obviously the number of the high end phone available. Here we have given statistics for mobile video consumption.

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