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10 YouTube Tips and Tricks for Android

Have you checked the YouTube app for iOS lately? YouTube added some new features to support VR videos. There are other interesting features such as private viewing mode, easy ski ahead etc. Let us learn some tricks and tips of YouTube for Android.

  1. Go to YouTube android app settings. Open YouTube setting and go to General section. Enable the limit mobile data usage options to save mobile data.
  2. In YouTube general settings enable ‘Enable stats for nerds’. You can now see video stats and information about the video.
  3. YouTube video quality also can be changed. Visit the app on your Android device and tap the three dots. Go to Quality and choose the quality.
  4. For watching a video later, add that video to watch later playlist.
  5. YouTube app for Android also allows watching full 360-degree videos.
  6. If you do not want to receive any YouTube app notifications, go to YouTube settings and select Notifications. Here you can enable or disable them.
  7. YouTube for Android allows downloading YouTube videos to watch later. Before downloading the videos, you can select the quality of the video.
  8. To play YouTube in VR headset, open YouTube video, select three dots and choose cardboard option. Enjoy the video in VR mode.
  9. It is simple to clear the YouTube search history on Android device. Go to privacy section in YouTube setting and select clear search history.
  10. YouTube Android app also allows changing the content location and selecting the country and watching the country based videos.

The above are the simple tricks and tips to use YouTube on Android devices to make watching the videos more enjoyable. There might be other tips and tricks that help to use the YouTube app more effectively on your Android devices.

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