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10 Ways Video Marketing Has Changed Public Relations

Video Marketing

Video marketing is fast becoming the hottest media format of digital marketing.  Video marketing helps for relation building and is good for brand promotion.  One must, however, remember that Video Marketing Has Changed Public Relations requires a lot of time, effort, and creativity.

Video marketing, however, has proved to be very successful for many marketers, studies revealed.  Video marketing can be making a video of PowerPoint slide presentations, creating how to videos etc.  Engaging the audience and increasing leads is easier with videos than with texts and messages.  Video marketing can be used for public relation marketing tool.  Product promotion videos, customer testimonial videos, interviews of company heads, new product launch events can be used for video marketing.

1.    Video marketing keeps your target audience engaged and you must encourage them to share.

2.     Promoting brands and products through video campaigns increases click through rates and lead generation.

3.    According to studies, short videos attract more hits and have a great impact on an audience.

4.    Let your former clients speak about their positive experiences with the company.

5.    Build public trust by adding videos to the email testimonials for increased effect.

6.     To keep the customers and clients informed about your company, post videos which are shot during company event such as press releases etc.

7.    Make it easy for the consumers to share the videos.  It will be great if you could embed videos in your blogs and websites

8.    Video advertising engages customers and they can easily differentiate you from other competitors.

9.    Video marketing is good for to improve public relations if viewers are allowed to give feedback.

10.    Videos are emotional and they can help create a bond with the public.  Sharing of the video helps to reach many people.  The video links should be embedded in social media posts such as Facebook and Twitter.

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