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10 Ways to Reuse Live Videos after Live Stream Ended

Reuse Live Videos

The live stream has been one of the components adding to the marketing mix strategy adopted by the marketers all over the world.Many platforms are offering this technology for the benefit of the marketers. Ways to Reuse Live Videos after Live Stream Ended has been explained here.

Live streaming is a platform that allows customers to broadcast live video content.The technology is possible on the web, IOS, Android and Apple TV and the list is ever increasing.The technology is quite easy to operate and allows the customers to record video with a camera & a computer (with a net connection).Some of the Livestream customers include Gannett, Tesla SpaceX, NBA etc. and the list is ever increasing as well. Once dominated by names like Google+, this market is full of companies/brands including Periscope, YouTube & Facebook etc.

As the name itself suggest the content is a live stream that means it is available as long as the incident is happening (for which the recording was done) and the content will expire once the incident is over.

As there are chances that many of the users (interested in the content of the live stream) may not be able to watch the live streaming there is a requirement that the live stream needs to have the capability to be re-used.

Some of the techniques to use to ensure that your live stream videos are re-used include:

• Get the source file of the live streaming.

• Use tools like Buffer to include the live streaming videos are part of your normal social sharing routine.

• Pin videos to appropriate Pinterest Boards.

• Upload the videos directly to FaceBook depending on the size of the file.

• Blog posting is another technology so that the video is part of your website.

• Take out some of the great quotes & use them as Tweets.

• Cut some higlite parts of that live stream video and reupload it in YouTube,Facebook for more engagement.

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