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10 Ways to Reuse Live and On-demand Webinars Videos for Marketing

Webinar and Video Marketing

Marketers use live and on-demand, webinars to engage their customers and to increase leads.Most registrants may miss to see the live webinars and make sure that they do not miss the contents by using the live on-demand webinar videos by recycling, reusing and repurposing.It is not difficult to produce effective videos and with some creativity, Webinars Videos for Marketing, these webinars can be reused in video marketing.

1. Repurpose your old webinars edited into brief clips in your video marketing.

2. To make most of the webinar recording, design the content so that it can be divided into small video clips that can be used in content marketing.

3. It is proved that a video on landing page helps increase conversions.Have a trailer of your webinar on the registration page.

4. Small clippings of recorded webinars can be used in email marketing to keep the customers engaged.

5. Use a related webinar recording to promote another asset to drive high conversions.

6. When starting your live webinar, ask the people what they want to learn from the webinar.  Keep it in mind and create brief clips out of the webinar recording on the same topic for the on-demand audience.

7. See that the webinar recording reaches every registrant possible by repurposing it.

8. Promote webinar through emails, placing it on landing page or uploading it to YouTube.

9. Make sure that the webinars are relevant and no date stamps are put on it so that they can be used for years to come.

10. Do not talk about your future or past events as this can give the feeling that the content is outdated.

Markets must remember that short on-demand webinars are more successful as the attention span of the customers is very short.

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