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10 Ways to make your First Online Sale using Video Marketing


Videos can bring a significant difference in your online marketing as they are the most effective form of content for online sales. Here are some ten ways to make your first online purchase using video marketing.

Make sample video content about your product

Shoot a sample video content about your product to send as a promotional beginning to your friends and relatives. Make it short, simple and informative.

Build community

Start connecting with the people by creating the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc to start interaction with the people.

Create brand pages on social networks

Create a brand page and switch your standard logo for product sale. Post the video trailer about your product.

Publish a press release with video

Publish a press release type of video across the platforms. Share with your friends and bring awareness about the product you are selling.

Use Live Video Streaming

Go live video broadcasting about your product with clickable shopping link to the audience and rise your chances to sell your product online.

Offer a freebie and inauguration discounts to the audience

Offer some attractive discounts or freebie with your first product sale in your video advertising.

Go shoppable

Utilize the YouTube Shoppable ads where the audience can direct to your shopping site in the video itself. It helps you to grab the first customer.

Try in-stream video ads

Try using in-stream video ads on YouTube platform about your product launch by announcing a best offer to the audience.


Unbox your product before the audience and ask them to click the purchase link in the video. That purchase link must be direct to the shopping site.

Unboxing by influencers

Go for influencer marketing and start the same before your product launch. Prepare some product trailer videos and unboxing videos and make influencer marketing by finding the right influencer that is relevant to your niche.

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