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10 Ways to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook using Video

Increase Organic Reach on Facebook using Video

Billions of people watch videos on Facebook and the video posts are viewed more compared to other types of posts on Facebook.  Organic Reach on Facebook using Video posts on Facebook reach more people and keep them engaged.The Facebook video creators must understand their audience and create content that is interesting for them.

1. Let the video length be between fifteen and thirty seconds as people are more likely to watch the short videos until the end.

2. To increase organic reach on Facebook create videos exclusively for Facebook.

3. High quality videos catch the attention of the viewers and the first few seconds of the video are very crucial.

4. Add call to action button to drive traffic to the official website or landing page.There are different types of call to action buttons available such as shop now, subscriber, sign up, download etc.

5. A video post organic reach can be increased by tagging the right people.

6. Encourage viewers to comment or share the video to keep them engaged.

7. Ask questions, start debate on topic that is related to the video.

8. Videos are promoted by Facebook in the newsfeed.Create videos on different topics to gain the attention of viewers.

9. Post the videos at right times.  The videos see greater penetration in news feeds when posted during peak times, when more number of followers and fans are up and awake.

10. Use hashtags for videos so that it increases the organic reach.

Videos are a great way to gain customer engagement.Creators must keep in mind that the video you post on Facebook must follow the guidelines of Facebook.Remember, videos play automatically in newsfeed without sound and so a successful video must be able to catch the attention of viewers even without sound and with only visuals.

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