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10 Ways to Increase Facebook Video Organic Reach up to 200%

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Facebook marketing has changed a lot over the few years.Here are some ten different ways to increase the Facebook video organic traffic. Here we go.

Right content for right audience

Yes, this is the first step you have to check before you stand for the increase in the organic reach. Know what type of content that your audience is interesting in. prepare ad post the relevant content to your audience in a different way to keep them engaged with your content.

Analyze Facebook insights

Test your content on Facebook and know everything from the Facebook insights report. Know about each and every page and learn to make the best data-driven decisions.

Visual marketing

Visual marketing is very powerful and it works well with the Facebook platform. So prepare some branded related videos and pull the tips from your blog and post it with some images. Also describe the video on the Facebook and let the audience engaged in the conversation.


The most common mistake that every marketer was still doing is a lack of engagement with the audience. Just posting on Facebook and left for other work can’t work anymore. The audience needs better response for their views. So stay engaged with the audience in their conversations.

Recycle the content

Don’t just kept preparing the new one all the time. Think about repurposing the content in a different way to stay connected with the audience.

Be a strategic planner in post timings

Plan the posting timings in your strategy. At least post twice a day for the best results. The weekends have great engagement levels than other days. The best times are 9AM, 1PM and 3PM and the best days Weekends, Thursday and Friday.

Be an interesting page to the visitors

Add value to your page by adding the interesting and useful content to the people.

Make a plan for your content posting

Make a right plan by organizing your content into image content, text content, video content etc before you post. Advance planning really helps you to maintain the timing and strategy.

Increase your posting frequency

Try to post more than you post still now. Try increasing your number of posts comparatively to increase the engagement but don’t compromise on relevancy and quality.

Post the content that is already proved successful

Post the content which is already gone successfully. Use the same them and create something new relating to that.

The above all strategies helps you to reach the maximum reach organically on Facebook.

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