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10 Ways to boost your YouTube views with Newsjacking

YouTube views with Newsjacking

News Jacking is the art of using current trending news which can be flash news as well as sensational news in the current content being promoted by the marketer.Current news is flashed while the main content is being streamed.Similar logic applies for written blogs as well and gain the YouTube views with Newsjacking.

What is the advantage of News Jacking? While the original content is still being streamed, there is a news item about the flash/sensational news that is currently trending.The importance of the jacked news will add interest in the minds of the viewer about the content as well.This will ensure that the marketers’ video is getting maximum viewers.

Are there any limitations in applying the technique of News Jacking? News Jacking is a freelancer technique that can be employed depending on the technical capabilities of the creator/marketer.  As the News Jacking is believed to be of help to promote boost YouTube viewership as well, the following aspects need to be taken care of, to ensure that the newsjacking is able to contribute its share to the success of the content.

1) Timing is of the essence.

2) The relevance of the flash news in relation to the content being streamed.

3) The length of the jacked news.

4) The quality of the jacked news.

5) The presentation of the jacked news including the background music, description of the jacked news etc.

6) The appeal of the jacked news to the viewers of the original content.

7) Monitoring of the response of the jacked news.

8) Monitoring the contribution of the jacked news to the promotion of main content being streamed.

9) Repetition of the jacked news.

10) Modifications to the jacked news as and when the update is available.

As News Jacking is considered as one of the important tools in the hands of marketers, it is equally essential that he is able to make use of this tool for promotion.

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