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10 Ways Mobile is Dominating Video E-Commerce

10 Ways Mobile is Dominating Video E-Commerce

Mobiles are dominating the e-commerce trends. Online video is now accessed on mobile devices and the time spent by the mobile users to access online retail sites is also increasing. The retailers are optimizing their marketing strategy for mobiles.

1. Mobile users are watching, sharing videos and mobile consumption is predicted to grow further in the coming year.

2. It is proved that mobile users stay longer time on e-commerce site watching the videos and this is likely to increase the engagement rate and also the sales.

3. If the mobile user has a positive association with the brand, he is more likely to share the video content from the brand.

4. Mobile users are more likely to share the video content than the desktop users and this will help reach more consumers.

5. Having a good personal connection with the content of the video and placing the call to action buttons strategically is what brands are following to attract the mobile users.

6. The generation of mobile users, people are under 35 are demanding unique content from the e-commerce brands.

7. The new generation users are being used by the e-commerce sites as an invaluable marketing tool. The sites are offering high-quality videos and enriched user experience as this influential audience is capable of bringing the social media exposure which will increase conversion rate.

8. Smartphone users watch the e-commerce video content in mute therefore e-commerce sites are using the auto-play feature for their videos without sound.

9. Mobile users are more likely to watch the e-commerce sites videos when they are using WiFi only. Therefore keep your videos under four minutes so that they do not avoid watching them to conserve the data.

10. E-commerce sites are using video on their pages and are encouraging the people to share it to social sites.

It is never been easy for the mobile users to watch videos. Online shops who are not hosting videos on their online shop should think and include video in their marketing strategy to take advantage of the increasing mobile video consumption.

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