10 Ways To Get Most Out Of YouTube Mobile App

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Everyone is much familiar with the use of YouTube on regular basis as it the home of bulk videos that each individual needs. Most of the mobile users are being attached to the YouTube by spending hours of time to surf the video content. By considering that the YouTube has come up with the adorable advancements that are most sought by the mobile users. Here are the ultimate features of YouTube being mobile friendly.Everything about YouTube Mobile App is given here.

1.Multi-viewing of Videos

We can visit the multiple videos by dragging the presently watching video aside. This is really strange that has been found in the no other mobile video apps.



When there is no mobile data or WIFI then the offline saved videos can be watched. This is most useful for the mobile users to get entertainment though there is no internet service.

save off

3.Direct Video Upload

The by using the icon of the app available on the home page can be used to record the video directly through mobile and this can be uploaded directly to our YouTube channel. This saves lots of time with no separate recording.


This feature can be used to watch the today trending videos especially from music, live, gaming and news. These are the most haunting themes on YouTube the audiences are crazy to use this option on the entry of YouTube app.

5.Watch on TV

This can be viewed on large screen by making a direct connection with the smart devices like Google chromecast. This requires no special software or apps.



When the subscribed YouTube channel has uploaded any new video or any updated information will be notified by pushing notifications to the user. Through this, the audience will be updated with fresh content.


The captions in settings will be used to adjust the format of the video which allows the user to add text size and subtitles style. These video editing options are most realistic that everyone needs to do.



The viral video or any leading videos can be directly shared on other social media apps like Whatsapp, Hangouts, Google+ and Line by clicking the option of “Share”.

9.Not Interested

The videos which are annoying or not effective on YouTube can be deleted by going through the ‘not interested’ pin. This feature is the most required and used one that has been assigned by preferring the interests of the audience.

not interested


The videos which are most interesting and liked by the viewer will be stored in the category of “Playlists” of the library. Through this, the audience can maintain all liked videos at one place and can enjoy on further watch.


There are no words to describe the performance of YouTube in feeding the audience with its highly advanced features along with the entertainment. There are no apps to fulfill the place of YouTube.

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