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10 Video Lead Generation Approaches for Technology Companies

Technology Companies

There is no limit of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Irrespective of the size, most tech companies are now focusing on online presence. Customers also have a lot of options while choosing a company; qualified leads are to be attracted. Here are some video lead generation approaches for tech companies.

1. Understand why people come to your site. Focus on what questions and problems bring them to your site.

2. Give offers for each individual problem. The free offer can be an e-book, video series etc.

3. Make them to subscribe for the mailing list to receive the free offers.

4. After offering a solution to the problem of the prospect, direct them to the high-level content you created to differentiate yourself from competitors.

5. Let the prospect know how you are different from others and what you do differently.

6. With the growth of mobile usages, the buying process is happening on mobile devices and so optimizes digital presence for the mobile web.

7. Include video content in the buyer journey. This is a powerful tool to influence the buying decision of the prospect.

8. Technology companies must also use social media. LinkedIn is the best place to focus on lead generation.

9. Host webinars to educate the leads and create interest in your products.

10. Include testimonial videos from your customers and add them to your landing page.

Lead generation is very important in the marketing strategy of any company. This is key for business growth. Have an effective video lead generation strategy to keep the sales funnel full.

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