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10 Uniquely Awesome Ideas to Skyrocket Your Facebook Video

Facebook Video

Facebook videos are used for building brands and also to generate leads.  There are few ways in which you can skyrocket your reach with Facebook video.

1.Start your own group on Facebook. Also, join in groups relevant to your niche. Post your video on your own group and also to other groups where you are a member.

2.Audience can be engaged if you post the video directly to Facebook as these videos are played automatically when scrolling down in the news feed.  This way, views for the video will increase.

3.Using the Call-to-action button at the end of the video to increase traffic to your business site though the Facebook video.

4.Thumbnail of the Facebook video should be clear and attractive.  A custom thumbnail cane is uploaded and used instead of the thumbnail given by Facebook.

5.When writing the description for the Facebook video, add a clickable link to it.  If the audience clicks it, it will redirect them to your business site, website or blog.

6.Check at what time most of your friends and followers are online. That would be the optimal time to post the video to get more views and likes.

7.Share the Facebook video link on other social media sites.  This will help it to reach more people.

8.Bring the video to surface again by resharing them or commenting on older things. People who missed to see it before may now watch it.

9.The video should be simple and short. Give the message briefly.

10.When promoting a product or service, include the brand image, product image or logo of the company in every frame of the video so that the viewers will remember it.


The above-listed points help the brands to launch a successful Facebook marketing and can be used to gain the brand reputation.

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