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10 Types of Evergreen Videos that Will Win Engagement, Views & Revenue

Evergreen Videos

Evergreen content is required to provide information that is ever useful for the audience and to build a loyal blog following. But the challenge is to know what the evergreen videos that are produced are. Here are the types of evergreen content that you should try to keep the audience engages and to increase the views and conversions.

1. Explainer videos are the best to answer the questions o the audience about something that makes them confusing.

2. Education video content is another great way to educate the audience about a product or service.

3. Testimonial videos are another evergreen type of videos. This type of video showcases the value. This kind of videos can be created using tools such as Animoto easily and simply.

4. Best practices video or video series across the industry and highlight the work of others and your own to get more information.

5. Ongoing issues such as environment saving are some of the big picture world topics and create videos on topics such as these about which your brand cares about.

6. Introducing the team and providing information about company history is done with the About Us videos.

7. Thank You videos another type of evergreen videos. Make a video that is less than one minute old and encourage the audience to share them.

8. Case study videos showing how the team handles projects and challenges are another good choices.

9. Animation or infographics are another evergreen type of content that can be turned into engaging videos.

10. Behind the scenes, videos add the human touch to the videos. These types of videos can be used as recruiting tool.

There are also other types of videos such as client spotlight, user generated or white paper videos. Create these types of videos and share them on your social media channels. Mention the brand name and also tag your targeted people.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Valerie Muller

    April 6, 2017 at 7:01 am

    Hey guys, great article here. I also really love all of your example.
    As I am a visual learner, it really helps me see what I can to do to improve.

    I would just like to add branding videos to this list. I started creating quick, 15-second branding videos with various themes, for my Facebook paid ads and they worked really well at catching people attention (I used a site called to make them). The ads performed really well and can definitely serve as evergreen content that you can use everywhere, not just Facebook. I also started adding branding videos to blog posts and they’re working great, too.

    Anyways, thanks for this piece. I am definitely bookmarking it as a reference.

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