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10 Tips to Create Clickbait Thumbnail Images for YouTube Videos

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Thumbnails play an important role in boosting the rankings across the search engines. Thumbnails that boost the rankings across the different search engines are not enough in the present advertising scenario. The thumbnails must be a clickbait one to target the generation of revenue in video advertising. Here are some ten ways to create clickbait thumbnail images for the YouTube videos.

Make it clear

Remove the unnecessary things in your thumbnail. Make your thumbnail image clear and simple to understand. Try to utilize the subjects and if you like to add some text to your thumbnail make it short and simple. Make it easy to read and attract the users.

Do focus

Focus on the thumbnail quality by using the best equipment to deliver the best thumbnail shot. Make sure you are obtaining the thumbnails with a good resolution that fits with YouTube platform. Bu obtaining the thumbnails with high resolution, the thumbnails will be clear when embedded. So make a clear thumbnail that is best for your video.

Utilize the high resolutions

By using the high-resolution there will not be changes in the scaling when posted on multiple platforms. Your thumbnail will attract the users if it is of good quality with high resolution.

Manage the texture

Manage the brightness and other contrast things in the image. Use good colors with the brightness that can catch the viewer’s eyes. Use best wordings in your thumbnails.

Use thumbnails that target the subject

Use the thumbnails that focus a close shot of the subject in your video. It helps the audience to know about the videos at one shot with your thumbnail and helps you to achieve good conversions.

Include the expressive faces

Use the expressive faces in the thumbnail images basing on the motion you are trying to evoke with your video. Emotion plays a great role getting clicks to your video thumbnail.

Use action shots

Action shot images can drive great attention as they have the ability to raise the curiosity in the viewers with the image. So raise the curiosity with your thumbnails.

Do A/B test comparison

You can compare the images using a video marketing platform where you can compare the different choices by uploading your video for thumbnail suggestions. The results can provide you a clear understanding of the things.

Go for animated one

Use a GIF for your thumbnail which will definitely catch the viewer’s eye and helps you to generate good revenue.

Be relevant all the time

Relevancy helps you to keep you going with success. Irrelevant thumbnails may temporarily drive the traffic but permanently closes your engagement levels.

All these above tips help you to reach your targeted revenue generation and also supports you to create the clickbait images.

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1 Comment

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