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10 Tips to Build an Engaging Instagram Video Ad Campaign

Instagram Video Ad Campaign

Instagram is photo and video sharing platform and the popularity of it is going on increasing. There are large numbers of individual users and in recent times, this platform is also being used by marketers to get benefits of social media marketing. There are many reasons for this which include the growth of mobiles and the simple nature of the platform that is making Instagram the best option for advertisers.

1. Using Instagram for video ads deliver very effective results as the videos are more engaging and help build the brand.  Make video ads that capture the interest of the consumers in just a few seconds.

2. To build an engaging Instagram ad campaign is to leverage hashtag campaigns.

3. Use the ad format for Instagram that allows advertisers to create ads with multiple photos to tell the viewers about their brand, services and products.

4. Make sure that your content works well on mobiles also as Instagram is basically a mobile platform.

5. The success of any ad campaign including on Instagram can be affected by the call to action.  Ask the users to take an action after viewing your video ad.

6. Know what your target customers love to watch and at the same time stay relevant to your brand.

7. Do not over post. This is an important point to be included in your Instagram video campaign as this can lead to people losing interest in your page and there is also the risk of unsubscribing you.

8. Post pictures of your office and work environment as this helps build brands.

9. Instagram is offering new features and all these tools can be used to make your video ad campaign a great success.

10. Get inspired by what your competitors are doing. Do not blindly copy them.

Instagram is a great platform for marketers as they can reach their target audience easily. Interact with the followers and be active for best results.

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