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10 Tips for Journalists to Master on YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing Tips

YouTube can be a very effective tool for journalists and it helps in engaging viewers and increase the number of audiences.News publishers can use YouTube for getting more traffic and to build their personal brand.According to studies, news videos are watched by a number of adults on YouTube is the perfect place to attract a new audience.

YouTube can be used by journalists to interact with the viewers.They can ask questions and get responses from the news publisher.The news videos of the journalists are also shared by the audience. They can add videos to playlist and there are like and dislike buttons though which the news publishers can know what type of content is working and what is not.Here are few tips for the journalists to use YouTube.

1. Breaking news helps capture the search traffic on YouTube.

2. Live videos can be broadcasted via YouTube Events.

3. Create a YouTube news channel so that you are more visible and a new audience to divert to your related website.

4. News videos are of three types and these are original videos, rebroadcasts and news distribution videos. Use any of these kinds of videos for effective YouTube marketing of your channel.

5. YouTube partner programs help the news videos of journalists to better placements on YouTube site, revenue sharing and viewership analysis.

6. YouTube partner program is a great marketing tool, especially for small journalists.

7. Journalists must be very careful about the user generated content they receive. They must verify it before they publish it.

8. Journalists must optimize their breaking news videos for discovery and good search results.

9. Enable videos for embedding.

10. To help the people who search for news videos, include dates, trending keywords etc in your metadata.

Journalists can create high quality, informative and latest news videos and market them well on YouTube to reach a global audience.

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