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10 Steps for Brands for Making a Video Viral

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Brands are aware of the advantages they can get by including video in their digital marketing strategy. Having a video on the website can help people spend more time on site, improves the chances of ranking higher in search results etc. Here are few tips that help the brands to make their videos go viral.

1. Viral videos fall under some characteristics and these are interesting, intense, funny, positive, surprising and funny. Choose the best characteristic for your video content.

2. The brands must have a goal for their video marketing strategy. Explain your goal to the marketers and let them create content that has a connection to the brand.

3. Funny and surprising videos are said to the more ad friendly. Make videos on trending topics that are related to your niche with funny and surprise elements and the videos are likely to get quick views.

4. User generated brand inspired videos proved to go viral.

5. How the video travels is the most important thing, whatever is the content. The most important thing for making a video viral is to make the videos shareable. If they are not shareable this can hamper the virality chance of the video.

6. Request the audience to share the content at the end of the video.

7. Make the video that is enjoyable to the people and this can influence them to share the video with their friends.

8. Focus on the duration of the video. Most viral videos are short.

9. The attention span of internet audience is very less and so makes the videos shorter so that the audience does not go away without watching the video fully.

10. The first few seconds of the video are very important. Deliver the important message in the beginning of the video itself to keep the audience engaged.

Video are powerful means of communication. Deliver the message in an appropriate form. Tell stories to help the viewer understand the videos. Use slides and animation if required.

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