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10+ Places to Repurpose Your YouTube Videos

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People take so much pain to create a good quality video content. Some may not feel satisfied by posting it on YouTube and may want to make use of it to promote their product/services/themselves in some other way. Repurpose Repurpose Your YouTube Videos also helps to reach to more new audience.

The first step to repurpose the YouTube video content is to determine the worthy content, find how to best use it to find the places where to put it.

1. Post the video on the personal blog

2. The YouTube video can be sent to all the mail subscribers which in turn will increase the traffic to the videos.

3. The YouTube video can be shared on Twitter. The viewers can play the video by hitting the Play button on Twitter.

4. Upload the video to a Facebook page, Facebook groups also so that they appear in newsfeeds and are viewed by a number of people.

5. YouTube videos can be promoted on Google+ also and the viewers need not go to YouTube to watch it and can play it on Google Plus itself.

6. Post the video on Vimeo also with changed keywords and may be the title.

7. The script of the YouTube video can be turned into text content and can be posted in blogs or landing page.

8. This text can also be used as email content.

9. A part of the YouTube video or small clips can be posted on Instagram. This keeps your audience engaged and will also attract the audience to your full content.

10. A portion of your YouTube video can be sent to your contacts and followers in Snapchat also and this can increase traffic to your YouTube video content.

11. There are other ways where you can use your YouTube video content such as Pinterest.

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