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10 New Features Coming For YouTube Creators

10 New Features Coming For YouTube Creators

The Youtube platform becomes the major part of the video marketing for majority of the companies and brands. Now, it has announced great features for the creator which helps them to go with the platform even better. It was mainly targeted the horrible comments made by the fellow irrelevant users and was planning to make a speed breakers for the impolite language in comments section below the videos. The Google was planning to create a new ranking system for the comments by bringing down the 36 percent of the new comments as well as the Creators on Youtube will not be need to connect with the Google plus network.

Comments features

Youtube was bringing new improvements in the commenting system and the new system allows the lead to 30 percent of the dislikes rate on the platform. This will provides the better ranking system which is very helpful to the creators as it can reduce the Junk comments.

Subscriber notifications

Google is going to provide the new notifications for the channel subscribers whenever the channel was published a new video to its list.

Subscription feed

Google is also planning a latest updates in mobile news feed for the subscribers to make them stay with the new videos from their subscribed channel.

Creator studio app

Notifications are provided for the users about the latest updates and happenings that are going on the channel via Creator studio application.


The application helps in management of the new video features which able to update the fetures like Thumbnails via smart phones. There is also an option to enable or disable the video monetization on Youtube platform.

Special cards

Channel cards are the new way to link the video content along with the other channels and helps in raising the funds.

Videos at 360 degrees in three dimensions

Google was planning to provide the creators with the option of “Adding 3D mix”

Improvements in Live streaming

Google planned to make an easy way to manage and as well as to setup the live streams

Community forum

A new community forum has already designed for the creators on Youtube which helps them to meet the collaborators.

Updates on creator’s academy

Google have made few improvements in the creator academy which consists of many lessons that allows the users to learn more about the platform.

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