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10 Live Video Streaming Trends That Will Dominate Market Soon

Live Video Streaming Trends

What is the most popular format of video on the web in recent times?

It is the live video streaming, and it is continuing to evolve quickly. People are watching more and more video on the internet, and there are many new platforms, technologies and video production trends changing. Let us now talk about the new trends in live video streaming for the year 2017. It is good to talk about the latest trends as these can be considered when planning a live video strategy in future.

1. Live video streaming is going to expand further both on social media and other media platforms. It is now easy to live stream that anyone can adopt it.

2. Facebook announced that live video would be ranked higher in News Feeds that other type of video content.

3. More publishers and viewers are going to get involved because of the interactive nature of this format.

4. Video on demand and live video streaming are going to continue to attract huge viewership. We are watching this trends for some time now, and the TV subscriptions are declining with more people watching the internet video.

5. More users now have access to the internet and also to high-speed 4G networks, increasing the number of users watching live video online daily.

6. Studies revealed that video ads attached to live streaming have high click through rate and brands are going to take advantage of this.

7. Tablets and smartphones have become the primary internet devices. A Large number of internet traffic is coming from these devices. Live video viewing is also getting views from mobiles. Live video is going to increase mobile ad spending.

8. Social media live streaming is getting more support. New platforms like DaCast are hosting them and offering them to embed on social platforms, and these are also mobile compatible.

9. Though HD content is dominating the web now, 4K video is likely to take over.

10. High end, the lower end and small-scale producers are going to offer better content depending on the sources available them and taking the live streaming to move towards the split market.

Major changes expected in live video streaming trends in 2017 as the technology adopted on the full scale. Live streaming video is going to be a winning media platform in the coming years.

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