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10 Interesting Facts about YouTube Singing Sensation Vidya Iyer [Vidya Vox]

Vidya Vox

One of the YouTube leading stars Vidya Iyer who is born in India and brought up in the USA is well known as singer, mashups and songwriter. She is one of the women who had proved herself as the most talented person by giving the performance throughout the world.

1.She is a classical singer of Carnatic music under the guidance of D.K. Nagarajan and brother of late Pattamal who are basically from Chennai in India.

2.She has finished her graduation in Psychology from George Washington University.

3.Her first appearance on her own YouTube channel gave millions of viewers and huge fans throughout the world especially from India.

4.Her mashups had attained the attention of many celebrities from Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Major Lazer, Diplo and Hrithik Roshan.

5.She is a multilingual singer who can raise the voice to explore the music world. This seems to be the basic line to have the millions of subscribers for the initial start of the channel.

6.The main turning point to become the onscreen figure of the YouTube is she used to remake the most popular albums of Hollywood into a Bollywood mixing songs by singing with the original singers. It is completely different from other vloggers.

7.Initially, she joined with the Shankar Tuckers as a singer.

8.So many other popular musicians like Ricky Jatt, Roginder Violinder Momi and Raashi Kulkarni have involved in her mashup of Lean On and Jind Mahi. For which they have 17,638,484+ of views.

9.Her mashup with the Chainsmokers is the most popular video of all time in her Vidya Vox YouTube channel with 30,881,488+ views.

10.Recently she has come up with Vidya Vox- kuthu Fire(official video) which has 2,411,006+ views in two weeks.


Anyone who had talent will be proved one day with astounding craze as Vidya Iyer, and this article will make everyone to know about her creative thinking of making an idea into implementation with unbeatable success. Everyone can take her as the inspiration to get the unforgettable image to the Public by creating a sensation.

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