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10 Important points to Know Before Buying Facebook Video Advertising

Facebook Video Advertising

Facebook video consumption is very high and it received billions of views per day on the desktop as well as on mobiles. This is a great opportunity for the marketers to promote their products or services using videos on Facebook. Video influence the viewers to buy the products. Facebook offers different video advertising tools such as auto play video, slideshow etc. there are few things that the marketers should understand before they buy the Facebook video advertising.

1. Facebook videos are played without sound in the feed. Make your video advertising make sense even without sound. Using captions is a better idea.

2. Make your videos auto-play on Facebook as there is much distraction for the users on Facebook and auto play helps to engage the scrollers.

3. Facebook ads need to pass the review and for this, they must follow the guidelines related to the type, size, title etc.

4. The first few seconds of the video advertising on Facebook are very important.

5. Let the video ads are not lengthy and boring.

6. Before buying Facebook advertising, look at engagement, play rate metric of your videos on other channels.

7. Targeting will be better with Facebook video ads compared to YouTube ads.

8. Marketers, however, have to remember that people do not search for content on Facebook and they just scroll down. The ad that appears in the feed should be attractive enough to make the click it and watch it.

9. Before purchasing the Facebook advertising, understand that Facebook counts even a three 3 seconds time a user stops when a video appears in newsfeed as a view. Keep these metrics in mind.

10. In Facebook newsfeed video ads should be short and simple.

Facebook advertising is an attractive option for the marketers but there are few things that they must know before purchasing the advertisement. There are some limitations with the Facebook advertising which should be considered before taking the decision.

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