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10 Future Online Video Trends

Online Video Trends

Video advertising is changing from time to time with new technology and approach. Marketers and advertisers are following the new tactics to reach the audience with their content strategy. There are several Online Video Trends to look out.

1. Facebook Video Consumption rates will Increase

The daily views on the Facebook platform had already increased 8 times comparing to the previous year and is expected increase more in 2017.

2. Live Video Trend

Live video has become the most important trend across the web and people love live videos and marketers will focus more on live video strategy.

3. 360-Degree Videos

The new 360-degree video cameras are presently trending across the web. The marketers and advertisers will focus more on the 360 degree 4K videos to reach the audience with new events, trailers and product releases.

4. Marketing with Multi-Channel Strategy

Brands will create great videos to upload them on YouTube platform. The multi-channel marketing will definitely be on the rise with new approaches.

5. Video Apps

The video app marketing and advertisement of different apps will increase on different platforms.

6. Information and entertainment collaboration

Marketing videos will focus on delivering the brand message or product videos by focusing on the entertainment content and delivers to the targeted audience.

7. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality will undergo new changes that will push the marketers to take advantage of marketing by gaining complete attention from the viewers.

8. Email Marketing will continue with Video

Email marketing and campaigns will include the video within the campaigns to attract and drive the customers.

9. Video Web designing

Web designing will change to video web designing by including the video content on website designing to grab the attention of audience towards a website with a unique approach.

10. Video Bots

Video Chat bots can be expected in 2017 which may become the next trending thing in online video marketing.

All these above points relate the new expectations of future video marketing and advertising for the year 2017.

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