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10 Elements Behind Every Successful YouTube Vlogger

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YouTube receives a large number of visitors every day. Not blogging on YouTube means you are losing the opportunity to get a share in these views. YouTube Vlogging helps attract an audience and be unique from other competitors with their unique content. There are some elements that determine the success of YouTube blogger. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Don’t look for any magic trick to get a number of views. Optimizing the channels as well as the videos gives better chance to get discovered by viewers.

2. YouTube gives the opportunity to connect with the viewers personally.

3. While shooting a video the camera gives a generic name. Do not use that name while uploading the video to YouTube. Give a file name that contains important keywords.

4. The title is the most important element for YouTube video. It attracts views and helps rank higher.

5. The description is another important element for YouTube videos, and so includes popular keywords in it.

6. Thumbnails determine whether a user clicks the video or not. It influences the potential viewer to click or ignore the video.

7. Annotations that are added on top of the video should be relevant and can include a call to action.

8. However good the quality of the video is, the content must be equally good. Choose the correct type of format for the video. It can be entertaining, informational or educational.

9. Search for trending topics on the net and use this as a subject for your video.

10. Use playlists.

Link all the videos in you YouTube channel with the site. Encourage the users to comment, share and like the videos. Adding a watermark or a channel trailer also helps for the success of the YouTube blogger. Get the users to subscribe to your channel to get more views.

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