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10 Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram using Video

Make Money on Instagram

Anyone who has a large number of audience for the content they produce can cash in on the videos they post on Instagram. One can hear the stories of many Instagrammers who are earning good money on Instagram with videos.Here are10 Easy Ways to Make Money on Instagram using Video.

  1. Post a video that has a call to action to lead the audience to any website that the Instagrammer earns money from.
  2. Instagram video can be used to announce a sale or a new item in the stores which can increase sales and help you make more money.
  3. Sponsored video posts for brands help to earn money.
  4. Sell the brands of other using video by becoming an affiliate for other brands.
  5. Refer to a brand or a product in the video and receive a commission from the brand.
  6. Sell the videos you create to brands who want to use them for their business promotion.
  7. Opening an online store and lead the audience to this online store by using a video.
  8. If you have a large follower base become an influencer, use the video feature to talk about a product.
  9. Build an email list and use video to send purchase links of affiliate programs or the market your own products.
  10. Videos are very important to make money on Instagram to attract the audience, engage the followers and get the fans involved.

Studies revealed that an average internet user spends more than eight percent time accessing videos. Videos on Instagram help to retain viewership. Video on Instagram can be used to keep in touch with the fans, lead them to your website to make more money or announcing a flash sale. There are many other simple ways that allow earning money on Instagram using video.

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