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10 Commandments for Successful Video Advertising

Video Advertising

telFor a successful video advertising, emotions, target audience and storytelling are the important elements. There is an increase in a number of people who watch videos online and the dominance of online videos is asserted by the fact that Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook launching new features for the videos. Advertisers are taking full advantage of this and are trying hard to make their video advertising beneficial for their brand.  Here are ten commandments for making video advertising a success.

1. As far as possible avoid autoplay of the video ads. At least make sure that the video plays without sound.

2. Attention span of online viewers is very short. Video advertising will be successful only if the videos are shorter.

3. Some videos may look different on small screen such as mobiles, so make sure that the videos are looking good on mobiles also. Don’t just repurpose TV ads online.

4. Video advertising success can be assessed by measure what is working and what is not. See if the consumers are responding to the video advertising and if not try to engage them differently.

5. Choose which platform to be used for video advertising effectively.

6. Video ads become successful when the video is followed by a puzzle, a purchase code etc.

7. Identify your target audience before creating the advertising video.

8. Give maximum details of the video ad in the first few seconds.

9. Catch the attention of the viewers with appealing thumbnail. Thumbnail is the best chance to communicate the details of the video with the customers.

10. Use a strong call to action though in video CTAs etc to make the customers engaged with the video.

Video advertising is effective for increasing leads and improving branding. But, remember, intrusive videos annoy the customers and they may completely block the video ads. It is thus important to follow some tips to avoid this.

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