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10 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a favourite type of videos that allow the brands to showcase their services, products. Explainer videos created in the right way can help in boosting the sales and growing the business. To ensure that the explainer videos are useful and give value to the investment, avoid these big mistakes.

  1. The length of explainer video should not be more than two minutes. The longer the video, the more the audience is likely to leave the video and go elsewhere.
  2. Do not focus too much on the video quality but the script.
  3. Avoid the mistake of forgetting to include a call to action in the video as this is essential to get the attention of the visitors.
  4. Do not make the mistake of always focusing on trying to make the video go viral.
  5. Do not concentrate on getting too many views, what is important is to get targeted traffic.
  6. The goal of explainer videos is different from promotional videos. Do not try to get traffic with explainer videos, instead, try improving conversion rates.
  7. Neglecting target audience while creating the explainer videos should be avoided. Focus on potential customers and try solving their problems.
  8. Explainer video represents the brand products and services and a bad quality video can damage the image so try to have high-quality videos.
  9. Not using brand colours is a big mistake that should be avoided as this is a great chance to generate brand recognition.
  10. Bad audio editing is another great mistake for an explainer video. Do not spoil the video by inserting unnecessary music or loud music that distracts the audience.

Explainer videos help in capturing the attention of the audience. Compared to a full-fledged marketing campaign, a well made explainer video can do more for the image of the brand.

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