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10 Best Practices for Landing Page Videos

Landing Page Videos

When people are diverted to your landing page,  they may not know anything about your page, your business or your services. It is important to grab their attention in seconds so that they will stay on your page for some time. Landing page video is one of the characteristics of a landing page that converts. The landing page video must be created so that it complements the contents on the landing page. Here are few best practices for videos for the landing page.

1. Identify your target audience and create videos for separate landing pages. The video must answer all the questions of the visitor.

2. Make your landing page videos short and clear. The video must be able to give quick answers to the visitors.

3. Let your landing page be simple and has headers, sidebars and other things the take away the focus of the visitors.  The purpose of the landing page is to make the visitor buy, sign up etc.

4. The length of the landing page video requires being less than two minutes.

5. Don’t let the landing page video automatically auto play.

6. The goal of the landing page video is to capture the visitor and for this, the video should be of high quality and your products appear attractive to the visitor on the video.

7. Make the purpose of the landing page clear to the visitors. At the end of the video make   calls to action.

8. Check the analytics of the video and find how the landing page video is performing.

9. A/B test your landing page videos.

10. Those who do not have enough budgets to  make a high-quality landing page video can go for the gif.

The landing page video gives a good opportunity to convert the visitors. Having a landing page video is proved to increase the engagement and conversions.

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