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10 Best Practices for Implementing Location Based Mobile Video Ads

10 Best Practices for Implementing Location Based Mobile Video Ads

The effectiveness of ad campaigns increases with the implementation of location based marketing strategy. The ad will reach the targeted customers as per their location. The idea of a location-based mobile video ad is to promote brands and products. The growth of location-based mobile video ads can be attributed to the fact that users are carrying their mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet every way. Here are the best practices for implementing location-based mobile video ads.

1. Focus on first party location data, consumer behavior and compelling creatives.

2. Start the campaign with smart targeting. This is important to have good relation with the costumers and brands.

3. Ads, emails or push notifications are sent to the users based on the location by detecting with geo-targeting.

4. Focus on content.

5. Banner design and features play a great role in the success of location-based mobile video ad campaign.

6. Use interactive rich media banners to attract he users and compel them to take decisions.

7. Offer easy to claim coupons to your clients when they walk into the store.

8. Guide the users to your store with the ‘get direction’ feature by identified their specific location.

9. Do not annoy the customer with sales first ads and excessive push notifications.

10. Analyze the metrics and ensure that the content strategy is performing well and is reaching the target audience.

Any brand or business that wants an increase in their sales can use the location-based mobile ads. This type of ad campaign is also suitable to be run by service related professional such as doctors, financial consultants etc. Those who work in a certain locality a definitely get benefited from location-based mobile video ad.

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