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10 Best Practices for Facebook Live Streaming Video

Facebook Live Streaming Video

Starting its journey on 4th February 2004 as a ‘for profit corporation’ in the hands of Mark Zuckerberg along with Harvard college students. Facebook today is proving its niche on the net platform whereby the registered user can create a profile for him, invite friends and exchange communications via the net.

It is in this context, that we need to learn the best practice for availing Facebook’s live streaming video. You may have an idea about the same on going through the story that follows:

1) The content:

First and foremost is that you need to have a good content. You are aware that good description will often attract more viewers.

2) The Titling:

Each of the published content need to have an apt title. The title will invite the attention of the viewers and bring them to the site.

3) The thumbnail:

Suitable and accurate thumbnail is another important point that you need to maintain at all times.

4) The Feedback:

Each of the content is expected to have feedback – either positive or negative. There has to be a place for the viewer where he can post his feedback.

5) The Promotion:

Despite the fact that the content might be one of the best, the channels containing the content needs to be promoted on other social media and other platforms.

6) The Planning:

As a marketer, you need to plan content and plan for suitable time for going a broadcast.

7) The Keywords:

Each of the content will be able to attract viewers based on the Key Words (through SEO). As such please ensure use of specific keywords.

8) The Investment:

The marketer needs to invest in good recording equipment to ensure the good quality content on the net.

9) The Environment:¨

While recording the content, please ensure that there is a proper environment that can keep the viewer harnessed to the content to till the end.

10) The Sound:

Soundtrack plays the most important along with the video in the content, and hence proper care has to be taken while recording the content

Not to be left behind in the competition to capture ‘live streaming video’ as announced by competition like YouTube, Facebook is also offering the similar facility. As the concept of the live streaming video is innovative and novel, people in general and marketers, in particular, are interested in cashing in on this evolving technology.

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