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10 Best IOS Video Players

IOS Video Players

Smartphones and tablets are consuming huge quantities of media. Mobile video consumption is at peaks right now on smartphones. iOS and Android smartphones come with default media players, but there are many third-party apps also available that come with interesting features to provide the improved user experience. Here are few best video players for iOS.

1. VLC media player is most popular and works on both Android and iOS. Wide support, subtitles support, simple interface is few reasons for its huge popularity.

2. CanOpener is one of the best media player apps for iOS. This supports high-resolution videos.

3. It’s Playing Pro is another media player app. It supports subtitles and all formats. Zooming and frame by frame viewing of videos are also supported.

4. RockPlayer2 supports multiple video formats such as MKV, AVI, MP4 and so on.

5. AVPlayer can play various numbers of formats. It also supports subtitles.

6. KMPlayer is a free media player for iOS devices. Some best features of this media player are the ability to view videos stores on PC via remote connection, adjusting sound, speed controls, etc.

7. Infuse is another free media player and can be upgraded to get many additional features.

8. PlayerExtreme HD is one of the best media players for iOS. It comes with features such as battery and process efficiency. Navigating through folder is very simple.

9. OPlayer is another video app for iOS mobiles. Interesting features of this are the ability to play video attachments within the mail, resuming playback where it was left off, etc.

10. Video Stream app lets to stream from PC to mobile device using WiFi for 4G support. It can convert a file and stream it.

The video as mentioned above playing apps for iOS come with their strong points, features, and quality. Most of these are user-friendly and support most formats.

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