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10 Best Alternatives to FaceTime for Android


Apple video calling technology is called FaceTime. Apple video calling technology was introduced by Apple in 2010 for iPhone 4 but works on many Apple devices such as Macs, iPod touch, and iPad.   Video and audio calls can made between compatible devices.   FaceTime supports the   the only person to person calls but not group video calls. This chat application is very popular with the users and what is a user wants to move from iOS to Android?

1. Facebook Messenger is the most popular alternative for FaceTime on Android. There are millions of Facebook users, and most of them use Facebook Messenger also. Video calls and audio calls can make. 

2. Glide is another video app that allows recording the video message and then sends it to your contacts. Glide is a free app but not live video chatting app. 

3. Google Duo is a free video chat service. The other person receiving the video call should also be using Duo. This is cross-platform. 

4. Google Hangouts is a chat app of Google. Group video chatting is possible with this app. It works for Android, iOS and on computers.

5. JusTalk is another video chatting service that can be an alternative for FaceTime on Android. Image sharing, doodling on the screen while chatting or few features. JusTalk is a free app. 

6. Skype can download from Google Play. Skype can be used both on the computer and on a mobile device.  

7. Tango is another video chat app that works on Android platform. Text chats, free video and voice calls are the features of this app. 

8. Viber is another application that allows video calls. There are millions of users for this app. 

9. WhatsApp is a popular and free messaging service. The chats are encrypted, and all kinds of stuff can share. 

10. Zangi Messenger is a video chat app that can even make video calls over low data networks.

FaceTime is used by almost all iOS users. Though many video chatting apps work on Android platform, there are only few that can compare with FaceTime. The above said are few alternatives for FaceTime. 

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