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10 B2B Video Marketing Trends You Need to Know


Video marketing is one of the effective tools to reach the consumers. But creating a useful video is a challenging task for the marketers. Marketing the video to get maximum benefits from it is another challenge. There is a significant increase in video content online in recent times. Here are some of the B2B video marketing trends.

1. Giving an experience of being there for the consumers by taking them to the virtual tour and show them from where the product is coming.

2. B2B companies are trying to ad humor to their video content and make people laugh.

3. Video marketing strategy of B2B companies includes offering a solution to the problem and keeps their marketing strategy different from others.

4. Problem-solving video marketing ideas for B2B video include an interview with customers, how to videos etc.

5. B2B companies are following clever marketing for making people connect with the brands.

6. The video content is strategy is being developed so that it will boost the engagement.

7. The introduction of 360 videos by Facebook opened further opportunities for B2B marketers to grab the attention of the audience and they are using the right content to achieve this.

8. B2B companies are also trying Snapchat for marketing with vertical video to give more engaging experience to the consumers.

9. It is also a good idea to include video in the About Us section of the page to make an introduction to the consumer.

10. B2B companies are also experimenting with Live video after understanding that people watch live videos three times more than other videos.

It is never too late for B2B companies to begin their video content marketing. Big budgets are not needed to get the attention of the consumers if the content created is appealing and relevant. A successful video marketing strategy will result in increased ROI.

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