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YouTube Rewind – The Ultimate 2016 Challenge – YouTube Trends

YouTube Rewind

Every year YouTube was releasing a video of YouTube Rewind on the memories of the best shows, movies, music albums and game shows.

This year they had created the video containing the performance of celebrities who are most famous in the YouTube through their roles and stunning activities.

Icons of this Video:

Here WWE famous wrestler Dwayne Johnson gave the ultimate entrance with a YouTube Rewind sign which holds the attention of the viewers.

The celebrities for this 2016 were Dwayne Johnson, Pew Die Pie, Alex Wassabi, Merrell twins, Mathew Robert Patrick, Dallas cowboys and so on.

On YouTube Rewind 2016 video all the celebrities are performing by having more enjoyment with the symbol of Rewind in their hands.

This video was uploaded by YouTube’s spot light channel by discovering the trendy videos for every year.

It has 24,431,636+ subscribers and 855,113,450+ views.

The no. of viewers of this video is 16,385,766+ in a fraction of the time.

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