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Why Beauty is a Raising Category on YouTube


Youtube is the biggest destination for the artists to display their talent and art to the global audience. The beauty tutorials have the largest number of subscribers as it has all time demand and every one love to learn something new that makes them look special. This concept has raised the beauty category online. The hows to tutorials have great engagement than any other videos. Majority of audience are like to watch the how to videos rather than the promos, featured videos and other.


According to the reports, it was that many brands are getting embraced with the number of views and it was reported that NYX has received 380 million views and the majority of 48 percent views are achieved by the Dove from UGC.

Users are more engaged with the beauty content because of the latest updates and fresh videos stamps the unique presence among the million videos. Networks like Style haul have tremendous growth on Youtube as it uses the beauty community and leading the channel with a compelling content for the audience.

The beauty video on Youtube not targets the audience as TV commercials or any other publicity stunts. The beauty videos are educating the audience with the tutorials and audience are also interested in the different makeup tutorials and attracted towards the brands. The brands not targeting the people to become customers of their products but they are making the audience interested towards their content and that made possible to earn more views as well as customers too.

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