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Watchable Video Services by Comcast – The new step

Comcast was going to launch a watchable video services which are in beta stage at present but soon become a rival to Facebook and YouTube platform. The company has partnered with the big content partners and can be expected to be raise very soon. It is going to provide a best watchable digital video platform which is also supported with the advertising content. The Comcast has already got partnered with the Major publishers like BuzzFeed, Fast Company, NBC Universal, vice and many others. The watchable video platform by the come cast is going to become great buzz as it was expected to compete the Verizon rumored video platform along with the video giants YouTube and Facebook platforms too.


Comcast compatible with the iOS with the watchable and the X1 users which has the ad supported content online. It is also in the plan for switching all of its subscribers to extend its platform like watchable and targeted nearly ten million households as its subscribers at 2017. The watchable video platforms are the best destination to get best curate and well distributed content from the top recognized brands and content producers across the web.

Many of the comcast partners didn’t have the distribution on the Television and it was providing them the way to reach new audiences to monetize their content on big screens at home. But, there is no sure evidence that it was going to compete with its new video applications with the Facebook and the YouTube video platforms. Chromecast was continuously experimenting the new steps all the time.

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