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The Vietnam Notebook – Casey Neistat YouTube Viral Video

Casey Neistat

The Vietnam Notebook – Casey Neistat New YouTube Video which goes viral on Social Media.

Video Starts with pleasant music showing map after that a title on the map will be displayed as “The Vietnam Notebook”. CaseyNeistat and his 14-year old kid “Owen” traveling to Vietnam. After that clips of “Owen” and CaseyNeistat 1st trip in 2002. After that explaining about Vietnam motorcycles and the ride started with the countryside of Vietnam. Thereafter complete traveling around Vietnam.Finally “Owen” explained the trip. The video ended with Goodbye Vietnam.

Some of the things which made this video so popular are

  • Video from Casey Neistat – It’s Viral obviously.
  • People always like Travel Videos in YouTube Platform
  • This video has true YouTube Engagement with the total of 238.9K+ YouTube Engagements.
  • This video has a wonderful Facebook Engagement with the total of 4,937 +Facebook Engagements.
  • Overall Total Social Media Engagement of the Video is around 244.3K+

Stats Source : VidIQ

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