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Vertical Video for Brands – The Next Big Thing

Vertical Video for Brands

Video has become an integral part in video marketing especially for the branding. When video comes in mind, very user imagine in horizontal landscape view to watch and it is the first thought of every viewer and another thing is feeling discomfort to rotate the screen all the time whenever the content was changing from one to another. This makes the viewers to stop watching the further more video content number of times. So, here comes the vertical video viewing. The vertical video has become the great buzz across the web today.

Vertical Video for Brands

Vertical Video for Brands

Vertical video watching may seems very different as it is the new way of watching a particular content. Many platforms like Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, Mashable and even the video giant Youtube also voted the vertical video viewing and connected to the concept. Many surveys were also carried on the vertical video viewing engagement which has revealed that vertical video has nine times more engagement rate comparing to the general viewing format. This makes the brands to concentrate on the vertical video ads today.

Snapchat already introduced and started this feature in its platform. Many brands had succeeded with the vertical video branding and successfully grabbed the conversion rate. The main drawback in the vertical video viewing is the larger black space at top and bottom of the video decreases the picture size which must be overcome with some developments. Beyond all these things, it is comfortable to the users which is highly required for the branding to get succeed.

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