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Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Advertising

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Facebook is one of the most engaging social media platforms on the web. It is the best platform for the marketers to use the features of video advertising on the Facebook for their business. Facebook have experimented with the new video playing ads on its platform two years ago and it was worked and impressed the marketers and consumers with the features it was standard with.

The auto play video ads are the most engaging video ads for the marketers, these types of video ads are generally plays automatically on the news feed of the Facebook and when the user was interested in a particular ad they can watch by maximizing the video ad so, it will play with the music and sound within it.

The Facebook have also improved its Premium video ad feature on its platform. There will be some Facebook insights which can be provided to the marketers with the analytics depends upon the video viewing for three seconds with or without sound and link and play clicks of the videos. This auto play video feature helps the marketers to target the large audience on the platform.

As the autoplay video just plays within the news feed without any sound, it makes the impression of the viewer on to the ad. The ads will attract the viewers and may raise their interest to know about the brand by clicking on the video ad. This made the marketers to know go with the Facebook video advertising. Apart of the Facebook own feature of premium ads, the platform is also useful to promote the YouTube videos and general videos that are uploaded on to the platform.

Facebook premium ads are generally provides the analytics on the retention of the audience and the average time on a particular video and the analytics on video viewing depending upon the categories such as Total, organic and paid views and as well as the unique paid and organic views in total.

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