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The Rise of Long-Form Video [Study]

Video watching behavior of the audience was changing day to day. People are interested in watching the short form of videos previously but, it was changed to the long form of video viewing behavior. The online business and marketers are mainly focusing on the video content consumption of the audience and designing their video marketing strategies by targeting the audience viewing behaviours. From the recent studies, it was revealed that people are watching long form of content like movies, programmes, shows online. This made the long form of content to grow online.


The long form of content was growing its demand in the present market. The Videos upto 20 minutes are noticed to have tremendous growth. The long form video viewing also increased to the 60% compared to the previous year reports. Te completion rate of long form content has high viewing rate when compared to the short form content.

The long form of video content was increasing its popularity compared to the short form content. The long form video content watching via tablets, mobile phones indicates the substantial raise of the content in long form. More than 80 percent was noticed with the medium form of content viewing. The study revealed the factors behind the raise of long form video content. The main factor is the compelling and attractive nature of the video. The audience likely to watch the long form of content of and only if they are relevant to what they are searching for with attractive content which raise the interests of the people to watch.

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